Sunday, December 2, 2007

Before and during storm

Main Street Holiday Decorations - Friday, when skies were blue, and Saturday morning, at the beginning of our first snow storm of the season. We had gotten several inches by evening, along with hail, and are forecast for about 20 hours straight of rain, giving 6-8 inches of rain on top of the snow melting. The rivers are going to be running deep. "IIIII'm dreaming of a Whiiiiiite Christmas..."
[I refused to put any Christmas decorations up before Dec. 1, either at the house, or on the website. Now that it's December...]
I'm sorry for not posting for a couple of days, and it might be a little sporadic until I get situated enough to not exacerbate my newly-diagnosed carpal tunnel. We think it was doing the website with my laptop actually on my lap in the evening.


jelvistar said...

How are you guys doing after the storm? It looked to be much worse out your way than here in PA. I hope taht you are doing well and have a Merry Christmas!

Port Angeles Daily Photo

jelvistar said...



Olivier said...

Je te souhaite un JOYEUX NOEL et te propose de venir chanter Noel sur mon DP BLOG D'EVRY. Bonnes FĂȘtes.

I wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and invites you to come sing on my DP Noel D'EVRY BLOG. Happy Holidays.

Me said...

Warm wishes to you and yours for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Dan said...

What an awesome before and after pic.

Kerri said...

Happy New Year...I haven't "seen" you around blogging lately and hope all is well!