Thursday, June 26, 2008

They have some of the best toys...

(Click on the picture to see it better.)
Well, they're not really toys, but they look like fun.
My husband took a 6 month class to be a (volunteer) EMT in our area.
[He is taking his final exam tonight, and will know if he passed in about a month.]
One Saturday, they took lessons on and practiced rescues from within vehicles and other
sticky sites. To practice, they went to a local car dismantling yard, and tested out their new-found skills with things like the Jaws of Life and a hydraulic jack.
I went and watched for a bit, wishing I could have some fun, too.
Being an EMT is not in my future, though.
I'll post more pictures of how that day went, and some of the after shots of the cars.

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