Monday, November 17, 2008

Twilight bloggers visit Forks

These two Twilight fans are visiting Forks from Alberta, Canada.
We met up with them at the Visitors' Center.
They even brought their own "Edward" along.

Parked next to Bella's truck.

They call themselves "Dorks in Forks," and are doing a blog on Facebook.
I quote the fork:
They were giving these forks out, and asking people to sign their shirts. Generally, just having a great time! Nice job, ladies.
There was one interestingly silly thing: the decorations on the car prevent the doors from opening. To get in and out of the car, they crawl in and out the back hatch.
Oh, to be young again!
We are so glad they came to visit!
For more Forks "Twilight" information, go to the Chamber of Commerce link at the bottom of this blog. We have Twilight tours, trivia and treats here in Forks!

For those who don't know, Forks is the main setting for a set of books by Stephenie Meyer.
The first book in the four-book series is "Twilight."
The movie based on the first book is opening this Friday, the 21st, around the nation,
though not here in Forks, as we don't have a theater.
The four-book series has been on the USA Today booklist in the top 7 for the last 6 months, at least. They are currently the top four books on the list.
For more information on the series, please see Stephenie Meyer's website at: .

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