Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mill reopens with new purpose

A local mill, the Rosmond (sp.?), has reopened as a variety of ideas after renovations.
It was renamed the 110 Business Park (its on Hwy 110 just outside Forks). The downed tree behind it has been a landmark at the site for a long time. The truck gives some perspective of the size of the tree.

This piece is the nice landscaping in the middle of the grounds (I like the bridge), and the roundhouse is a gathering area under cover. It had a flea market in it today. After the rains today, the bridge probably had a little river running under it.
This is an indoor archery range that was getting a lot of attention at its grand opening today.

There was free target archery in a restricted area (for safety). They were shooting at a launched decoy. The kids to the left in the picture were doing the launching with what looked like a fixed bow. Clever set-up, and very safe.

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