Monday, June 25, 2012

The Cap Man Cometh!

The Cap Family.
All the way from Georgia, they have been traveling for almost a year now.

The story of the bottlecap en-rusted truck can be read on their website.
Notice the little car on the top, too? 
This lovely family was a delight to meet. 
They came to the Forks Open Aire Market on Saturday, June 23.  They've been in the area for some days, enjoying the sights on the West End of the peninsula.
The original idea was for them to be able to sell their art that day, but
that didn't work out, unfortunately!  We were looking forward to seeing
the Cap Family Wares!
You can read their story, and see their art on the following link.
(There's a link on their site to an etsy shop, but it was down when I clicked on it.)

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Steffe said...

Very cool I will check out their website.