Sunday, July 29, 2007

Underwater Lake Crescent

This is an underwater picture we took while canoeing on Lake Crescent, taken in shallower water. I like the way the yellow plants stand out, just wish I could remember what they are. We went for a paddle on the lake and the west end of it was too choppy for a canoe; so, we decided to drive to the east end, about 10 miles around the crescent, and found almost glassy water - perfect for a relaxing paddle.
Lake Crescent is a little farther from Forks, northeast about 25 miles, but is so very beautiful, I just have to share pictures of it from time to time. Highway 101 runs along the southern lake edge, sometimes right on the edge. It makes for a breathtaking ride full of Kodak moments.
The West End of the Olympic Peninsula has one city, Forks, several very small towns, and a LOT of beautiful natural scenery. Most of the Olympic Peninsula is National Forest and National Park. Forks has a lot of artistic people who gain inspiration from just living here, I think.


jelvistar said...

What a beautiful photo! What kind of camera did you use?

Port Angeles Daily Photo

Forks and Forest said...

Canon, a Sureshot, I think.