Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Nurse-ing a tree

This is a tree growing on a nurse log. You can see the older, nurse log inside the growing tree, with the new roots growing down the sides. It is so interesting to see these growing - new growth out of old. Sometimes the nurse log will be a downed tree and new trees will be growing along its length, along with ferns, flowers, and nesting animals. Nothing is wasted, everything is used in the forest.
I almost expect to see elves or Ents in these forests, gnomes or hobbits amongst these tree roots.


Lavenderlady said...

I had no idea what a nurse log was till I moved to this area. That's a great photo,

Annie said...

It's fascinating to look and read about this. I want to take a walk in the woods now and see if there are nurse logs in my area.