Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Sometime neighbors

These are a few sometime neighbors. They come down from the hills in the winter, and wander pretty much where they want to. They spend the night in the field across the street from our house sometimes, and we do live in town. My husband is an early riser, and has gone out the front door to be stared down by very large elk just across the road. You can imagine our surprise the first morning this happened!


Strangetastes said...

Hi - haven't seen your blog before. You live in one of my favorite parts of the country. Forks is a cool little town but I love the whole west coast of the Olympic Peninsula. Kalaloch is one of my favorite places to go clear out my head. Crescent and Quinault Lakes ain't bad, either. The forest trails are magical.

Forks and Forest said...

I agree with the magical - always changing, too.