Friday, August 31, 2007

Nose to nose in Beaver

Just 6 miles north of Forks, on the way to "town" but still in the West End, there is a little place called Beaver. It consists of a small antique store, a small grocery store/gas station, a baseball field/park, a post office, fire department, lumber mill, the residents, of course, and Lake Pleasant - a pretty little lake with some scenic and calm canoeing. This carving and the old fire truck are alongside the antique store. The beaver is about five feet long, and fun to see.
I almost chose this sign for the September theme day of street lights/signs.


Kate said...

An amusing sign! Good capture!

Dijah said...

The sign is very cute.

Annie said...

And isn't it perfect there!

Soon I'll be traveling to Beaver Dam, Wisconsin and I think I'll look around and see if they have anything like it.

Lavenderlady said...

I like Baver...almost as much as Forks. Very friendly place.