Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Before the Lunar Eclipse

Getting ready for the eclipse, and taking shots of the beautiful full moon,
a mist kept coming in and going out, creating wonderful effects around the moon.
Some the camera just wouldn't capture, but the starburst effect stayed for a while.
The moon was so bright that we didn't need our flashlights to walk around.
The skies were clear, and Mars stood out in the eastern sky, even with the full moon blocking out most of the stars. During totality, the stars were bright and amazing, the Milky Way shining across the sky, and Mars was brighter than ever.
We didn't stay out to see the moon coming out of Earth's shadow, and a good thing. By a little after 5, clouds had moved in and covered the moon completely.
A great way to spend a night: bundled up in fleece blankets, drinking hot chocolate, relaxing on the deck with my favorite fella, watching the earth shadow take a bite out of the moon, then see the moon turn shades of brown and red and orange, while the stars twinkled overhead.
I love retirement!

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