Monday, August 13, 2007

West End Surf Shop sidewalk

This storefront has such a relaxed and welcoming look. When we first drove by, there was a bicycle leaning up against the wall. By the time we got back, the bicycle was gone.
This is a new shop that just opened this summer. They deal in water and sidewalk surfing supplies. The writeup in the local paper said that the owners moved here from Hawaii. There's a surfing competition every year at LaPush (First Beach, I think), and lots of sidewalk surfers here in town.
We wish them good business, and good surfing.


Sally said...

What on earth is sidewalk surfing??? You'll have to show us a photo of that in order to fill me in!

Hyde DP said...

surfshop -- I thought it was an internet cafe at first.

Forks and Forest said...

Sidewalk surfing - skateboarding. There is some chatter about a new skateboard park coming to town.

Our whole town is an internet cafe - there are 7 espresso stands in town, and the whole town is wired. Wireless internet connection is available from the Visitors Center.

mark said...

We stayed in Forks, WA this past July, on our way to visit the Hoh Rain forest. We happened to come on Discount day when they closed down the street and all the stores were open late and selling discounted goods. I was happy for discount day because not only was I able to pick up a coveted sweatshirt, but I also happened upon the "West End Surf shop" that had just opened 3 weeks before our visit. Being an out of town surfer, I was stoked about this needless to say. I wasn't expecting to see a surf shop that far out in the sticks. The shop owners were great! A very nice couple. I even happened to score some surf the next day at La Push. Talk about a serendipity!!! Forks, WA was great! Hopefully, I will be able to get back there sometime soon.

Freddie Z Sculpture said...

Congratulations to the owners for a New York Times article! Great to see fellow Kauaians receiving success. I'd like to send them a picture of a solid Koa Olo surfboard just created. Do they have a website?