Sunday, August 12, 2007

ready for lots of rain?

We do get a LOT of rain here in Forks - an average of about 120 inches, yes, that's 10 FEET each year; but this is taking preparedness just a step beyond, I think. Having a jetski parked on the front lawn, ready for the water to come rolling in? Think he has an ark in the back yard, too? Does he know something we don't?
Lest you think we are up to our necks in water, we really don't have a lot of flooding problems - just lots of beautiful rivers.
We were just taking a drive around town, and I had to stop and snap this one. I do like the hanging baskets and the flower boxes. Very pretty.

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Wendy said...

Maybe instead of going to the lake, this family is waiting for the lake to come to them.