Friday, August 10, 2007

Stephenie Meyers series set in Forks

This isn't exactly a picture of Forks; but I couldn't resist. We just received our copy of Stephenie Meyer's newest novel set in Forks, "Eclipse," just released on Aug. 7. This is the third in a series about Bella and Edward, their families and friends, and enemies. [For more about the books and Stephenie Meyer, her website is .]
She chose Forks and surrounds because she was looking for a place with a lot of rain. The Olympic Peninsula has the most rainfall in the U.S. The local Visitors Center has gotten questions from fans and tourists concerning where the different locations are. That has also made reading the books interesting for us, an added bonus to reading vampire stories. A few tourists have come here because of the books - a pilgrimage of sorts.


Lavenderlady said...

I heard the books have been very well received...vampires are not to my tast...but I may have to break down and try one of the books.

jelvistar said...

I just read the first one, I hope they decide to film some of the movie there. It would be great for Forks!

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