Wednesday, February 20, 2008

last eclipse until Dec 2010

At least the last lunar eclipse here in North America.
The speck to the left of the moon is Saturn, the clearest it has been seen for a few years I think. With a telescope, you can see the rings. Above the moon is Regulus.
We had clouds and rain earlier today, and we thought we'd miss the eclipse, but it cleared up beautifully before it even started, and the stars were brilliant while the moon was darkened. It did start to mist up after totality, and obscure some of the stars. And it was cold out there for stargazing. But fun. Hoorah for hot chocolate and a nice fire.


Mandy said...

We had cloud here so no chance to see. I've found some videos though which I've posted on my blog.

jelvistar said...

Great shot! I took mine a little later at night, so the moon was only partially covered.

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