Wednesday, July 30, 2008

ABC Wednesday - B is for Bald Eagle

B is for Bald Eagle - a native of the Peninsula, and definitely king of the skies here.

We were driving along Highway 112, on the north end of the Peninsula, reveling in the sites of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. We stopped along the road because we thought we saw a whale spout. As we were standing there, I looked up, and saw this bald eagle looking down. I began my mantra of "I am not food" that I use when faced with something that may think otherwise, and managed to click the shutter a few times before he took off to a better nieghborhood - at least in his eyes. I'm sure he thought we had ruined that one.

This shot is a cropping of a larger picture - he was a long way up a very tall tree. The zoom on the camera didn't react quickly enough for me to use it well.

The way that his head disappears into the sky behind tells a lot about why he was designed with the "bald" or white head, doesn't it?

A bald eagle in flight on the breakwater at Clallam Bay.

A pair of bald eagles, feeding at the breakwater of Clallam Bay.

Bald Eagle pair.

They were so cool to watch, I almost forgot to take pictures sometimes.

These pictures don't show just how big a bald eagle is. They are about 3 ft. tall and their wingspan is 6-8 ft. They are amazing to watch and can soar beautifully.

We have the pleasure of watching these magnificent birds from our house as well, although I usually stand in awe and never make it to a camera.

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Jim said...

Beautiful birds.

Texas Travelers said...

Great B. The National Icon.

BTW, we love the Forks area. We stayed in a B&B there once.

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Troy and Martha

Bear Naked said...

Wonderful choice and photos for B.

Bear((( )))

babooshka said...

Now that is a beautiful bird of prey.

Larry D said...

Great post and photos, these birds are magnificent, whenever they migrate through here we try to find some. There are several apirs that have nested in Kansas as well.

Granny Smith said...

Great photos of a magnificent bird! I have been to Forks. We visit Port Townsend often (my son's family live there) and sometimes take the northern route around the peninsula and the down the west coast home to California.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful birds and so many of them.