Friday, July 4, 2008

Skywatch Friday July 4th

Skywatch Friday and July 4th - Independence Day here in the U S. This mix just asked for seeing the sky over our Forks Old Fashioned Fourth of July parades. The top picture is simply the waiting until the parades start, under our usual cloudy skies. We even got a little mist during the parade.
The second picture is the beginning of the Kiddie Parade - so many cute little guys and gals, decorated bicycles, and several little electric cars. The Kiddie Parade precedes the "adult" parade. There is a very wonderful presence of veterans in the parade, as well as some logging - being "The Logging Capital of the World"... [grin] The usual groups and the politicians, of course. I'll probably post some of my favorites in the next week.
The parade didn't let us down in classic cars either. Some very nice ones to drool over.
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Old Wom Tigley said...

I expected to see many flag and fireworks posted this weekand I was pleased when many did show them.. I think most folks will also be posting mre next week as well.. It been a great sky watch this week and fun to have been able to share this special day with you all

Anonymous said...

Loved seeing all those people on the street to celebrate with pride and joy their country!

pts said...

it's nice pic!

cjperk said...

I have not gone to the parade for several years but this year I decided it was time, once again to watch the parade.
What a great time I had been missing, it was beautiful, enlightening, encouraging and so full of life.
Thank you to all the hard work put into it and the generosity of the town.

Sandy's Notes said...

What a nice area for an independence day parade! Hope you had a great one!

AnneKa said...

Great sky watch post, still trying to see all the sky watch photos on Tom's blog.