Wednesday, March 10, 2010

H is for ...

Hoh River and Hoh Rainforest
Majestic Olympic mountains, complete with glaciers and snow,
budding trees, and a small piece of the Hoh River in the foreground.

Mossy carpet under old growth trees.
Dazzling sun shining through moss-draped, towering trees.

Hoh River, rushing, crystal clear and cold,
from the mountains to the Pacific Ocean.
Real rain forest right here on the Olympic Peninsula,
temperate rainforest, not tropical.
Part of the Olympic National Park.
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Roger Owen Green said...

Love old growth trees. I know that they have to be cut down sometimes (sigh).

On behalf of ABC Wednesday, thank you! - Ramblin' with Roger

Christine H. said...

So wonderful. This is exactly the reminder (kick in the butt) that I need, because I often forget to visit the places that are nearest. Olympic National Park is on my list. How hard could this be? I live in Oregon. Somehow I manage to get to France but can't find the time to go here. I'm off to chastise myself now.