Tuesday, September 4, 2007

History on approach

This is a biplane that was flying around yesterday before noon, before the rain started.
It circled a few times, did at least one touch-and-go,
and flew almost right over the house, then landed at the Forks Airport.
A little piece of history on approach to the airport.
I couldn't get the camera fast enough.
It was a bright yellow-orange and neat to watch.
This turned out to look like an old photo.
I also converted it to black and white and sepia.
Click on the thumbnails to see a bigger version.
What do you think? BW? Color? Sepia?


Ming_the_Merciless said...

Amazing view. Reminds me of the new TV series, Men in Trees about people living in Alaska. :-)

Forks and Forest said...

This is our daily view. We absolutely love it here in Forks.

mark said...

The Color photo I liked best. It looks like a painting..the setting and background are picture perfect!