Tuesday, April 15, 2008

An odd couple

"You check that way, dear, and I'll check for traffic this way, and maybe we can get clear of this mess soon..."

This 'couple' was too interesting to pass up. Actually parked at the Scholarship Auction at the bank, but positioned just right to look to be driver and passenger. We busted up laughing. Okay, so it doesn't take much for us, we're a little silly to begin with. Isn't that part of what retirement is about?


crittoria said...

I love this photo! I really think that dogs wish they could drive....I know ours does. In the summertime I tease her about wanting to drive and sitting in my driver's seat while waiting for me to return to the car, but in the wintertime I thank her for keeping my seat warm!

Mary Helen said...

So funny...I love photos with dogs
They are so much a part of life.