Monday, April 14, 2008

Sunset at home

This is a sunset picture I took from our back deck recently. After being gone for a bit, it's nice to see the ordinary daily things that make HOME.
We don't see pretty sunsets from the house very often, too many other houses in the way. This one entertained. I watched instead of taking lots of pictures, almost missed getting any of it. To see a pretty sunset, one can go to the beach most nights.

Thank you to all who commented, and, thank you Mary Helen for missing me. That was nice to hear.


Small City Scenes said...

This is my first visit but I am glad you are back from where-ever. Nice photos and nice blog. MB

babooshka said...

That sky is like a pastel drawing. Nice compostion, and your blog is a nice find too.

Mary Helen said...

I'm glad you are back, Love the sunset photo and it looks like you have the same tin roof we have. : )