Saturday, August 23, 2008

Driving to 'town'

Living in a small town has one drawback - for some medical testing we have to drive to Port Angeles ( 1 hour away), and, sometimes, Bremerton (4 hours away). Thankfully, the drive between Forks and Port Angeles looks like this. Even with spots on the windshield from the bugs, there is no bad view. The first shot is just along Highway 101.
With part of the drive being along Lake Crescent, sometimes you could almost wish it would take longer. Come to think of it, those tests aren't that important, are they? Well, okay, but at least we get the same incredible views on the way back, too.

How many people can claim this kind of view on the way to the doctor?


Sherry Stewart said...

I just toured Lake Crescent last week when my daughter visited. We drove to Rialto to hike and camp. You are right, no one has a drive like that to the MD!

It is a most beautiful lake, you live in a beautiful place on earth.

Thanks for sharing, I didn't get photos of Lake Crescent.

Laurie said...

I couldn't resist this image when I saw it on the CDP portal. I'm so glad I clicked on it because your blog is just wonderful!

I think if I had this drive on the way to the doctor, I would no longer be sick by the time I got there. Wow, what a pretty area.

I'm off to explore your archives now! :-)

chrome3d said...

Looks like a beutiful place to drive. I can´t claim to have any mountains nearby.

Kelly said...

I'm sorry that your reason for driving this gorgeous scenery is because you are going to the Doctor, but, it certainly is a lovely site for sore eyes, especially when you are on your way to get to your doctors appointment.

I really do think this is beautiful and I do hope that you feel better soon!