Monday, October 29, 2007

Decorated lawn

This is a lawn we saw decorated for Halloween and Autumn in the Bear Creek area north of Forks.
Halloween is October 31, a night of fun and dress-up, for kids mostly, but also for adults.

Hallowe'en started out centuries ago as All Hallows Eve - the night before All Saints Day, a day for the good spirits to return to earth. Up until midnight the ghouls and goblins walk the earth.

In the U S , kids can go door-to-door, wearing costumes, knocking and crying "Trick or Treat." The tradition is to give out treats, usually candy, or you get the trick.
A safe alternative to going door-to-door that is used these days is for a community to have a party at a central location where kids can be safe, and parents can be nearby - or at least not worried. Another alternative is the trunk-or-treat where a community, sometimes a church, will meet in the parking lot, open car trunks decorated for Halloween, and the kids go car-to-car getting treats. There are sometimes prizes for the best, scariest, funniest, whatever-est costumes, or for the trunk decorating. Pumpkins are decorated by painting and carving. A carved pumpkin with a light inside is a jack-o-lantern.
Many people decorate their yards and houses - and these I will try to photograph and post in the next few days.
All-in-all just fun.

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Jim said...

They put some work into that, looks like fun. I am going to post tonight a porch that has been decorated in my town for Halloween.