Saturday, October 20, 2007

Shay Locomotive

On display at Tillicum Park at the north end of Forks is the Shay Locomotive, Rayonier No. 10.

According to the sign:
"Locomotives played an important part in timber history for over a hundred years. True 'work horses' of the Peninsula, they hauled huge quantities of timber. But, they took a lot of expertise to build, operate, and maintain.

"The Shay locomotive is named for inventor Ephraim Shay of Cadillac, Michigan.

"Not only could Shay's locomotive run on crude wooden rails, but it had tremendous power and traction to pull heavy loads up hills. It could also negotiate sharp curves and uneven terrain. Shay was one of the first in the United States to use locomotives to haul logs."

There wasn't anything on the signs about the significance of this particular engine. I believe it is just one of the engines used.

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Lavenderlady said...

There is such a logging history in your area.