Friday, October 19, 2007

Multiple choice tree

We have one apple tree in our yard, which gives two types of apples, due to the graft on one side. The original part produces the small, red crab apples, suitable only for applesauce. The grafted part produces Yellow Delicious apples, suitable for eating, baking, and applesauce, too. It's the time of year for apples to be coming ripe, and decorating the trees in varying colors and types. My favorite is the Arkansas Black, but I can't find them anymore. Next in line is the Granny Smith - tart, crunchy, and great in hand or in pie.
We've already picked some off of our tree, and need to get some more before the storm knocks them off. I may plant another apple tree or two - it's one of the few fruits my husband likes, and they keep well.

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Mike said...

How wonderful to have a choice!

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