Sunday, October 7, 2007

Forks Heritage Days Market

The Annual Forks Heritage Days were going on last week. There were activities most days in different parts of town. The Department of Natural Resources was also having its 50th anniversary as part of Heritage Days.
We weren't able to make most of the activities; but, since we enjoy the Open Aire Markets during the summer, we went to the one they held at the Timber Museum. The sign demonstrates the rain we were having that day.
There were several sellers that braved the rain, including our favorite doll and doll clothes maker. One seller has some delicious-looking baked goods, though we passed those by - quickly.
There are a lot of true artists in this community, using a variety of media - fabric, glass, wood, photography, and more. It's a fun market, with people that we enjoy talking to.
More photos tomorrow.

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