Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fast Running River

After the storm let up a little yesterday, and while we didn't have power anyway, we took a drive down to the Bogachiel Steelhead Rearing Pond to see how the Bogachiel river was running. It was running very high. There's a path beyond the rearing pond that you can take to the river. It normally doesn't come up quite so closely - as the trees that look to be growing in the river attest. The river is also a bit muddier than usual. All right, "a bit" is an understatement. It was roaring past us, rushing to the ocean. It's so otherwise quiet that the river sounded extra loud. The Bogachiel is one of the rivers that gave Forks its name - from the forks where three rivers combine - the Bogachiel, the Calawah, and the Sol Duc.
We like rivers and oceans, beaches and waves. The sounds they make are so soothing.


Mary Helen said...

We have only been doing the paper for about 4 months...maybe less. If your paper is folded and has a rubber band on it, then it's us. I think there is only us and a girl, Angela, for the forks area. My husband is a welder by day, and me, a full time Nana and housewife.

Mary Helen said...

What a nice picture of the water. I remember the floods last year, and all that snow during the Thanksgiving Holiday last year.
I was told that it rarely snows here...but all three years, we have had snow. Is this normal?
Anyhow, love your photo.

Kerri said...

I too like the soothing sound of rivers and oceans.

Me said...

Oh that we could divvy up all that extra rain and drench the southeast with some of it.