Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rialto Beach

Rialto Beach, just north of LaPush, on the Pacific Ocean, about 20 minutes west of Forks, looking north and west to sea stacks and headlands.


Me said...

Oh, and I missed yesterday's too! Darnit. :)
I love those jays. Beautiful, noisy, boisterous birds. Love 'em! And that picture of the beach.. wow, not like what you would see here. The beaches here are tame by comparison!

maria elisa said...

love this picture

Édila said...

I love my country which had some time of the year to be more cold.
I love this picture. On beaches here in Brazil the water is warm and a climate very hot. Uff.

Mark & Jodi said...

I love the pictures of the coastline! Keep them coming! Especially if you are able to stay up on that cliff in those cabins over looking the stormy surf. I would love to see what those waves look like when a strong low pressure system hits the coast up there. Seeing some pics of La Push with the waves breaking big would be really interesting. Your Blog is great...keep it up.