Friday, November 23, 2007

Next stop... Hawaii?

This was taken at the overlook of the beach at Kalaloch (pronounced clay-lock), on the Pacific Ocean, along Highway 101, looking west. The logs on the beach were thrown up by waves, probably during a storm since the logs are full size trees - some of them bigger than a person is tall. The beach you see is under water during high tide. We watched the logs being tossed during a minor storm, the waves rolling them over and over and knocking them together with a boom that can make you jump, piling them up. The waves come to the bottom of the cliff that is the overlook, and the spray during a storm can come up to the overlook.

We spent part of Thanksgiving driving to pick up one of our sons at the Greyhound Bus Station in Olympia. This is a stretch of beach that you can see from the highway. We pull off and stop when we make this drive for a breath of very fresh air and a blast of ocean beauty. This is only about 35-40 minutes south of Forks, and is also the home of a resort with cabins on an overlook that we will probably stay at during a storm - just to watch the storm.

The thumbnail photo shows some people walking on the beach to show how big the logs on the beach are. The thumbnail is looking to the north along the Pacific Coast, with headlands, sea stacks, and wandering beaches.


Me said...

Oh how I DO miss those beaches. That is an amazing place. Simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Jim said...

Looks like someeone put to much laundry detergent in the water, lots of suds. Neat pic. I only get to see beaches through pictures.

Kerri said...

Very beautiful!! Lucky you!

HoodPhotography said...

Love it! The Pacific is so recognizable :)