Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Local election day

Today is a local election day - many city, county and state issues being decided today. This is the ballot envelope. We are in an area where all voting is done by mail or direct dropoff only- no voting booths.
Forks City Hall. This is the dropoff point for Forks if you don't want to put the ballot in the mail, or if you do your voting on the last day and want to be sure your votes are counted. This is also the courthouse, the city jail, the mayor's office, the police department, the vehicle registration department, the property tax assessor, and the water department. [Did I get them all?]
The dropoff slot inside City Hall for the ballots, just outside the court door. As you can see, it has many different uses. That may be a reason for the blue envelope - easier to spot.

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