Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Mama squirrel

This mama squirrel stopped by to munch on a little fern leaf one day. She kept a close eye on me, but enjoyed her fern frond. She could move very quickly.


pusa said...

soo cute, nicely captured!

Jim said...

she is so pretty. squirrels are all over the place around here. Its pecan season.

HoodPhotography said...

too cute. Getting ready for winter!!!

Kerri said...

Very cute!!
Your squirrels look a bit different than ours over here in the East.

Forks and Forest said...

The eastern gray squirrel looked longer bodied to me (we moved here from Pennsylvania), and the color is different.
This looks like the Douglas Squirrel to me - but I'm no expert!
Yet one other thing I need to look up.