Monday, November 12, 2007

Stormy and dark day

This is the parking lot/wading pool of Forks Outfitters/Thriftway, with a truck water-skiing its way to a parking space.
Today was the third (fourth? fifth?) straight day of stormy weather here. This piece of the storm, with high winds and driving rain, put out the electrical power for a little over 12 hours here today. I'm not sure how widespread the outage was, though it was the Forks area. It started about 4:30 this morning, and our power came back on at 5:20 this evening. I think all of Forks is back now. The stormy season has BEGUN!
When we have power outages, which are not rare, it is usually the whole town, which includes the main street of businesses. The only ones who do business have a generator. The grocery store in town, Thriftway (which is also Outfitters Clothing and Ace Hardware), has a generator that gives it the ability to sell, but it also has an espresso stand that gets especially busy on these days.
The only restaurant that is open during outages is the hospital coffee shop - which feeds a lot of people on outage days, I'm told. As we drove around today, looking around, we spotted one of the local espresso stands open as well.
Most cooking is done with electricity here - very few people use anything else. There are no gas lines, and propane is available, but electricity is fairly inexpensive here (compared to other parts of the country we have lived in). Most houses are all electric here, I believe, though quite a few of us use wood for at least partial house heat.
We use the fireplace insert to warm the house, so we stayed toasty warm as long as we stayed inside. Going out meant getting soaked in a matter of moments.

This is the entrance and espresso stand at Thriftway (through a rainy windshield). During a power outage, lights and a neon OPEN sign can be very warming!


Jim said...

Looks like it was a lot of rain.

Mary Helen said...

I've missed a few posts because my cancer doctors are in Bremerton, and then the storms...Great Post on the storm,
my husband, Son, daughter in law and a Son in law are all veterans...My dad was in WWII and so on and so on. We went to the 3rd grade veterans thing, where my grand daughter handed her class's letters to the troops to a on leave Marine that was going to take them back. Anyhow, I hope you had a great Veterans Day!

Me said...

I remember well the storms of Everson, WA. And even though I know they can be devastating and costly, I cannot help but be awestruck by the raw power of nature. I hope you are drying out soon!