Friday, November 9, 2007

Summertime dahlias

This picture was taken during the summer,
of the abundant dahlias growing around
the car wash sign on the main highway, 101.
With the freezing nights we had last week,
all of the dahlias are blackened stems,
and I enjoyed looking back at the beauty
they produced this summer.
The dahlias grow beautifully here - in a lot of gardens.


Lynette said...

Great idea, to remind us of the beautiful flowers here in the Pacific Northwest. I stay amazed, season after season. I especially love that so many businesses have well-tended, beautiful flower beds, not just corporate-looking landscaping.

Annie said...

It is a blessing to have memories, or if not that, then photographs of times gone by. The dahlias probably made you feel a burst of summertime happiness when you looked at the photo again.

I'm sorry you couldn't see my exclamation point photo. I've reposted it in hopes it'll be visible to you and others now.

So, until the next time, my best comes to you, Annie