Thursday, November 15, 2007

Indecisive tree

We're sitting inside in front of a nicely glowing fire, listening to the wind blow and the rain pelt the skylights as yet another storm system moves through the area. Our rain gauge shows we have gotten 2.5 inches of rain since we set it up yesterday afternoon.
This group of trees is growing out of an old stump. There appear to be at least three species of tree growing here, evergreen and deciduous, as well as moss, ivy and fungi. A little slice of rainforest in one little spot.
We took this picture at the Rearing Pond.


Jim said...

maybe a split personality tree.

Dan said...

This is just beautiful. It is amazing how healthy robust trees will seemingly sprout from apparently inhospitible places. I have seen Ponderosa Pine trees growing out of cracks in rock where there is seemingly very little soil.

Mary Helen said...

We have a few of these on our place LOL

Kerri said...

What a interesting shot!

Me said...

Nice combination of image and description. I like that. Some images are wordless, some are not, others can go both ways. Nice to have the words on this one, brings deeper dimension to it.