Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Moon and Mars

Mars is the closest to the Earth it gets in its orbit. The little red dot to the right of the moon is Mars. It looks a bit brighter with the naked eye - my camera doesn't really like night shots. This was taken through a break in the clouds. I like the way the moon highlights and colors the clouds.
Here in Forks, we are sky watchers again. The sky, when clear, is so beautifully bright with stars. We can see constellations we haven't seen for a long time, and enjoy the heavenly entertainment whenever we can - weather permitting.


Kerri said...

Very pretty...I am a stargazer too!

Me said...

Neat picture. I could take pics of the moon every day... but I am always wishing I could get closer, closer, CLOSER! Haha
And I would love to get a shot that shows Mars too!